African inspired dishes by Nahdz Adventures

I love to cook and I love cooking with my children. I love to push myself out of my comfort zone and try something new. Before lockdown I would always travel with my children and expose them to different cultures and cuisines. I think it is important to get children to experience different foods from such a young age too. My youngest loves his food and is such a cultured little baby. 

During the first lockdown I tried recipes from different countries which was so fun. Some we loved and some were interesting. This was the first year we celebrated Kwanzza so on the last day we enjoyed the Karamu which means feast. I asked the boys to pick a country in Africa and I'd make a dish from that country. They said Sudan, never easy on me and always take me out of my comfort zone but I love it because I love challenges. Thankfully their God father could help me and I was able to pull it off. It's so funny because as I was cooking I felt like an auttie back home, it was giving me village vibes and it helped me connect with my ancestors.

I had so much fun during the cooking and experimenting with different recipes I decided that i'd do it once a month. This month we enjoyed injera which is an Ethiopian cuisine. My partner is Ethiopian so his mum makes it for us often. As a mum of mixed heritage children I try my best to ensure there is a level of representation of both cultures. Therefore I'll experiment making different Ethipoian dishes. Kaion really gets in there eating his lentils, cabbage and spinach. Out of my three children Kaion is the most cultured, he is not afraid to dig into something new. 

I love these bibs from Muffin Sisters, the pattern is beautiful and it is double sided to absorb all the water during meal times. It really makes a statement which I love because I love so show off my culture. The quality is also incredible and has lasted many washes. 

Not only do I encourage my children to try food from different cultures, I read books which talk about food from different cultures as well as encourage them to cook with me.

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