African print portable baby changing mat

What is a portable | travel changing mat?

Imagine you're in the shopping center or on the beach or park, what would you do? Well, with this portable changing mat it's easy, simply pull them up open the mat and place your baby on top of this padded changing mat and proceed with the clean up.

A portable | travel changing mat is much easier to carry around than the regular one which you usually have at home. 


Neatly folds making it light and compact to fit inside your bag as you travel.

Easy to use, simply fold and secure with velcro.


Unfolded: 62 x 42 cm
Folded: 42 x 24 cm


There are 3 layers of material:

- African cotton fabric 

- thin layer of wadding for comfort

- waterproof fabric (inside)



Super soft and quilted provides a comfortable changing surface for your little one.

There are 2 good size pockets to keep your baby essentials. 



If you know someone who's having a baby soon or hosting a baby shower, this really would be a great gift idea. It is stylish, thoughtful and useful. It will tell them that they are special to you.

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