African inspired portable changing mat

Changing mats and babies have a mutual relationship; just like you have a mutual relationship with the toilet seat! It’s estimated that babies, on average, need to be changed as many as 12 times a day! That’s a staggering statistic for a newborn. So, considering this, don’t you think it’s a jolly good idea to get a changing mat that substantially aids in the execution of this change? Well, we think so too. 

At MuffinSisters, we understood the critical importance of having a changing mat that not only served its purpose, but also carried a unique feel, a unique experience. That’s why we made our collection of African-inspired portable changing mat. By African-inspired, we mean that these mats are made with African prints, patterns, and designs, to depict a deep feel of Africa. Asides the African aesthetic, we also ensured that our portable changing mats were designed in a such a way to be utterly handy, make newborns feel safe, and clean easy. All these play a very important role in bringing solace to nursing mothers when taking care of their newborns.



Features of our Portable African inspired changing mats.

Some features of our African inspired portable changing mats are:

  • Portable. Since these mats are portable, you can easily carry them around wherever you’re going. Be it on the beach, in the car, on a plane, and in a park, these changing mats are no problem to pack and unpack as they are compact, easily foldable, and light. They can fit neatly into your bag and can be used on the go!

The dimensions for our changing mats are as follows:

          • Unfolded: 62 x 42 cm
          • Folded: 42 x 24 cm

Designed not to take up a lot of packing space and thus, perfect for moving around. These portable dimensions also ensure that adequate changing space is provided for your bundle of joy. Additionally, you also have the option of customizing your changing mat to fit any specific preferences that you may have!

  • Excellent material. Our changing mats are made of the most excellent fabrics consisting of 3 layers of material: 
          • Ankara cotton fabric
          • Thin wadding layer for improved comfort
          • And a waterproof fabric component in its interior

This combination ensures that not only will the changing mat be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, but it will also be heavily resistant to fluids seeps and provide deep comfort for your little one!

  • Vibrant design: As aforementioned, our mats carry Africa with them always. The designs and colors of our portable changing mats incorporate African patterns and prints, which leave a bold, powerful, and vibrant aesthetic when they are used. Thus, not only are these mats terrific to look at, but they also tell a unique story of a beautiful baby resting on a beautiful continent.


Our portable changing mats provide a swift and handy option to have when a baby is in the picture. If you have a little or know someone who may have a baby, then our special, stylish, and unique changing mats will definitely be worth considering! So, why not give it a go and carry Africa in your bag!

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