Different ways to use a cellular baby blanket


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When it comes to baby blankets, there are many different types that you can choose from. One of the most popular types is the cellular blanket. This type of blanket is made from a special type of fabric that has small holes in it, which makes it very breathable. This is perfect for babies, as it helps keep them cool and comfortable. In this blog post, we will discuss different ways that you can use a cellular blanket for maximum comfort!

What is a cellular blanket?

Cellular blankets are great for several reasons. They are often made of cotton and cellular construction results in pockets of air which act as insulation. This makes them ideal for winter months, or for use in a drafty room. They can also be used as a light cover during the summer. Cellular blankets breathability is another perk—it allows heat to escape, making it perfect for warm weather sleepers or those who tend to get sweaty during the night.

There are many ways to use a cellular baby blanket. Here are some of the most popular ways:

1. Swaddling - as mentioned above, swaddling is a great way to calm and soothe your baby. By wrapping them snugly in the cellular blanket, you can help them feel safe and secure.

2. Nursery bedding - using a cellular blanket as part of your nursery bedding can help to create a cosy and inviting space for your baby to sleep in.

3. Car seat cover - cellular blankets make great car seat covers as they are soft and comfortable for your baby to sit on. They also help to protect your car seat from spills and messes.

4. Stroller blanket - cellular blankets make wonderful stroller blankets as they are lightweight and can be easily tucked away when not in use.

5. Play mat - cellular blankets make great play mats for babies. They are soft and padded, making them ideal for tummy time or crawling around on.

If you are using a cellular blanket for your own comfort, there are many different ways that you can do so. One way is to drape it over yourself while you are sitting in your favourite chair. This can help to provide you with some extra warmth on chilly evenings.


There are many reasons why cellular blankets are such popular items for parents and caregivers. They are versatile, durable, and can be used in a variety of ways. From swaddling and tummy time to providing extra warmth or privacy while breastfeeding, cellular blankets can do it all! So if you're looking for a versatile and useful blanket for your baby, consider a cellular blanket. You won't be disappointed!

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