How to bond with a baby?

 How to bond with a baby can be a scary step for new mothers. When trying to figure out ways of bonding with a baby, the new baby will generally take to any kind of activity you want to undertake. Bonding with your little one can be as simple as taking time when feeding the baby to talk and cuddle.

A newborn baby will enjoy feeding time much more than mommy will, but this is a great way of bonding with your child. Bonding with a baby can take as little as 10 minutes while feeding your little one. Take the time to rub the baby's head and hands or feet. Using lotion on a child's hands and feet while feeding the baby can make this a bonding experience for both of you. Mothers always have a special bond with their babies, but it can be made much stronger with a little nudge when he is young.

When bonding with a baby, remember that even though the baby is small, he or she still has likes and dislikes. You know what your baby likes most, so now is the time to undertake tummy time. Tummy time can be done at any time, not just after feeding your little one. Newborn baby likes and dislikes are easy to distinguish based on reactions. Tummy time is almost always easily accepted. Tummy time can include baby's favorite toys or just you and the baby. Lay the baby on his or her tummy and give them a toy. Play with the toy with your baby and talk to your baby while you are playing. The baby, if less than 6 months of age, should not be left on their tummy, therefore tummy time can be with mommy laying on her back and laying baby on her tummy to play.

Your child will generally already be quite used to mommy's voice, but if not, now is the time to talk and have baby recognize you by voice. The more you talk to baby the more bonding will take place.

Bath time is a great time to bond with your little one. He may or may not enjoy bath time, but if mommy seems to enjoy bath time, the baby will grow to like it as well. Using tub toys and bubbles to help baby like bath time will help, as well as talking while bathing him or her. The more gentle and time-consuming the bath is, the more bonding the experience will be. Bonding with your baby can be as simple as taking additional time to apply lotion after a bath and singing or playing patty-cake with their hands. At bedtime, applying lotion to baby and singing a
song or reading a short story with him or she in your lap or arms is yet another way of bonding with the baby.

Mothers of one child or many will always remember the times they had with each other, and the bonding experiences that were so special with each and every one no matter how old they are.


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