How to celebrate New Year's Eve with kids?

 How to celebrate New Year's Eve with kids

December is a month full of many festivities. It is one of the most anticipated moments for all people and everyone is always in a good mood. The Christmas spirit is always present and the love and the union between families and friends are noticeable. Therefore, it is important to create beautiful moments.

New Year's Eve is a celebration that takes place all over the world. Regardless of your beliefs or where you come from, there is always a space to celebrate all the good things that happened to you this year and to welcome the next year with open arms.

In this way, if you are the type that spends a new year with your family, whether blood or friendship, you know that you have to prepare different activities for younger children. Be it the children of your siblings, your minor cousins or even the children of your friends, you have to keep the little ones as entertained as possible.

That's why today we'll give you the opportunity to learn about different ways to celebrate the New Year with children. Through different activities and plans that will make the new year the favorite holiday of the youngest.

Celebrate the new year of another country

Children usually go to bed early. They can not stand a lot of time awake and arriving until midnight is almost impossible since they go straight to their beds. But this causes them to get in a very bad mood the next day when they wake up as they have lost all of the celebrations.

But this does not overwhelm you, what you can do is Celebrate the New Year of another country! Yes, as you read it. When it's 7 pm here, it's midnight in London. So you can celebrate the English New Year with your children a little before they go to sleep. You can even make a countdown so that the whole family celebrates the arrival of the new year and then you put the children to sleep because they are tired.

Your own party items

The charm of the holidays is all the fun you experience. For children, it's a fun time because they can make all the noise they want and can use all the toys they have without fear of being scolded.

But all this fun means having kids running around and that can be a bit difficult to control. Therefore, a fun activity that makes them stay in one place is to teach them how to make their own party toys.

During the day and while waiting for the arrival of the new year, prepare elements for the celebration. You can use youtube tutorials and teach them how to make rattles, paper hats, a sign with the number of the year that arrives or a mask with a simple paper plate.

The idea is that they are entertained by learning to make these types of articles and that they also develop their creativity and imagination. You can put all the children who attend the party to do it in a table in the garden or in the living room of the house. Surely they had a lot of fun!

Make a countdown with Balloons

As time goes by, you can play with colored balloons. Children will surely love it. Inflate balloons and write a countdown in them. When the time passes you bust the balloon marked with the time it left. You can do the intervals that you want. But we suggest that to keep the children interested and very excited you do not have to blow up the balloons early.

Instead, go bursting from 10 at night so that every half hour a new balloon begins to bounce your confetti.


Suitcase to travel

The more children move, the happier they will be. So a good activity to do in the new year is to go out with suitcases to go around the quadrant of your home. This is a tradition that takes place in many countries as a way of asking the universe next year to bring travel and adventure.

In other years you can also ride in a chair or just walk around your house. The important thing is that you use the suitcases. Thus, children will feel that they are doing something with purpose and they will begin to imagine the thousands of places they will want to visit next year. Maybe and they even plan the trip for you.

Another tradition that goes hand in hand with that of the suitcases is that of wearing yellow underwear. During the celebration of the year, if you put yellow underwear on your children, it means that next year you will have a lot of prosperity. And it's also fun to use vibrant colors.

Make a wish list

The new year brings change air. It is a new beginning that calls you to set goals to create a better life. All that feeling of hope you should try to pass on to the little ones who are celebrating the New Year there with you. So a good activity for children to do is make a wish list.

Together with the whole family, you can sit around the table and write on a sheet the wishes they have for this coming year. From family resolutions to personal projects and even the gifts they want for the next Christmas. Everything goes!

After everyone writes down their goals, they help the children put their letters in an envelope and keep it until next year. Thus, when they read them, they will see how many goals they achieved and will think of new ones. The idea of this activity is to unite, not only the children of the house, but the whole family to create both individual and family goals for the new year.

Your own Photo Booth

Kids today love taking pictures. Selfies are part of a day to day and there are some who already have their own phones so they can be even more experienced with this from the photos than you. Therefore, a photo booth is a very good idea to entertain them during New Year's Eve.

Here everything is a matter of creativity. You can build a photo booth and put as a theme the new year that comes in and even some Christmas elements. Use your own digital camera, computer or even your cell phone to take photos. Surely the children will have a lot of fun!

The more objects you have for the photos the better. You can use several headbands and also many funny glasses. The idea of a photo booth is that the photos are as fun as possible. Put the children to make funny faces and take the opportunity to take pictures as a family. The more the better.

After everyone has taken pictures, pass them by WhatsApp groups and also put them on social networks. They can even print them and place them in the frames of the house. A good idea is to place the children to write dedications to the photos and give them to those who want. So the fun of the photo booth will continue.


One of the best ways to continue the excitement within the New Year's family party is by dancing. They can improvise a dance floor where everyone can enjoy their favorite songs. Prepare a very good playlist with songs from different eras.

From the 80's to the current music, everyone can dance. The more they do it better. Involve not only the children but also the grandparents and they will see how they have a great time. In addition, they can even incorporate a crazy hour full of many masks.

From headbands to kid toys and colored lights, it's time to make the New Year's party much more fun for children.


This is an option that can help you a lot. It works like a plan B in case everything else has already been tried. All you have to do is choose a repertoire of Christmas or children's films and place them on your living room's TV. Surely the children will have a lot of fun.

Improvise a small cinema in which everyone has a designated seat and they can be comfortable. You can even count on popcorn and many sweets and drinks for children to have fun and entertain.

You can even make them choose the type of movie they want to see or even the space of the house. Give them little breaks where they can go to the bathroom without missing anything from the movie. Finally, when the movie ends, you can choose to make a small discussion to reflect on what you learned with the movie.

Toast with your children

It is a tradition of adults to make a general toast with an alcoholic beverage, but this leaves out the smallest of the house. Therefore, we recommend making a special toast with the little ones. You can use milk glasses, a fruit juice or a special champagne for both them and pregnant women.

The idea is that all of them feel included within this millenary tradition that supposes the toast of the new year. You can give the special drink in plastic cups or in each of your favorite glasses. The idea is that they enjoy it enough.

Choose pajamas for the whole week

After the New Year, comes a time of rest where everyone is at home walking with their favorite pajamas. This is something that children love because they can wear their favorite clothes for almost a whole week while they eat the sweets that were left over from the last day of the year.

A great activity is to make them choose the pajamas and the different clothes that they will use during all those days. So you save yourself a lot of time in the morning when you go to wear them and you also have a certain order inside your wardrobe.

Cooking together with the children

One of the favorite activities of some children is cooking. All of them can do it in an amazing way, some even have great potential to be a chef. Therefore, involve them while they make the food for this year-end event. Ask them to be your assistants and put them to stir a salad, to make some juice...

This is an activity that everyone can do as a family and for sure they will have fun. It can involve aunts and uncles and even grandparents. By the way, one of the funniest and richest things that children love to prepare are the welcome cakes. Make a normal cake and then decorate it with the new year's numbers made with colored or chocolate noodles or even sugary stars.

They can also prepare fun canapés with sliced bread, with ham and cheese cut out with the numbers of the new year. Everything is left to creativity and fun. The more food you make the more entertaining the children will be there in the kitchen with you.

Give thanks

We have already mentioned different activities that are going to put a lot of fun on New Year's Eve. The children are going to have a lot of fun and they are going to create new family memories that they will always carry in their hearts. Even so, we still need to mention an activity that both children and adults should do.

Give thanks. Being grateful is crucial to start a good year and achieve all the goals you have set for this new year. So, have some time at this New Year's party so that the children give thanks for all the nice things that they lived in this year that is already gone.

New Year's Eve is a time full of hope where we can all begin to materialize all our new plans. Do not miss this opportunity to share with your family and even with the little ones in the house.

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