How you can make reading fun for your kids

How you can make reading fun for your kids


Reading is important for kids, but sometimes they just aren't motivated to do it because it doesn't seem like much fun to sit still and concentrate. Reading can be fun but it takes a little creativity first, and for many mothers, creativity comes naturally. However, for many other moms, this isn't something that comes naturally. Therefore, below you'll discover some amazing helpful ways you help make reading to kids’ fun.

Read in the Dark

I know, it sounds impossible right? Well, the reason this will be fun for your kids is because it's completely different than the usual way they're supposed to read. You can give them a small flashlight to use as they sit in their bed before bedtime or you can make a fun and build a fort out of sheets and let them light a candle or use a flashlight (depending on their age) to read.

Use a chart

Some kids like to see the progress they're making with the things they are doing. For these kids, make a reading chart. One that allows them to track how many pages a day they are reading while charting how many books a month they read. To make it more fun, you can give them a small prize when they read so many pages a week or so many books a month. It will give your children something to work for, which will help motivate them and make reading fun too!

Read to them

This may not be a new concept, but kids really enjoy reading with their parents because it's a time when mom and dad are dedicated to them. To make this more fun, let your kids take turns picking their favourite books to read.
When kids have a say in the stories you read to them, they become much more interested.

Read along books

Another way you can make reading fun for your kids is to purchase read along books. Many companies such as Usborne Books provide an assortment of read along books for kids. Usually there is a book and a CD in the package. Kids can put the CD in and follow along with the story as the CD reads to the.

Activity books

Activity books are another great tool for making reading fun. There are many kits that have a book and an activity with them. For example, there are several excavation kits out there where children can dig for buried treasure or dinosaur bones for the activity part and then read included book afterwards. For smaller children, many colouring books are in the form of stories or have a sentence at the top of the page to explain what's going on in the picture.
These are great for toddlers and young readers.


Now, there are many electronics available that are designed to promote reading. Leap Frog, for instance, has many products such as Tag and Tag Junior, Fridge Phonics, Fridge Words, AlphaPet Explorer and many more. While you would like to set a limit on the quantity of time that your children play with these, they're extremely helpful in making reading enjoyable because they interact with your children.


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