Potty training - Seven important things parents find most chalenging


Are you thinking of starting to potty train your little one? Parents approach potty training from many perspectives but there are challenges that all parents face about learning this new skill.

Use these 7 tips to help you as you think about starting to toilet train your child.


Getting their child to use the potty or toilet

The very first an initial thing any parent needs to do is to get their kid used to use a potty or toilet. My advice starts well before your child reaches the age of two. You are not expecting him to do anything; this is so that using

the potty is just part of his normal everyday life. If he doesn't like using one particular type of potty or toilet seat try another one. Take him with you and let him choose one for himself.

Making a decision and sticking to it

Choose a specific date and have chosen it to stick to it. Get your whole family involved in the decision and try to make it as much fun as possible. Keeping stopping and starting will cause your child confusion.

Knowing when to start

There are all sorts of recommendations as to what age you can successfully start potty training your child. There are advantages and disadvantages involved with starting toilet training at the different ages and stages in a child's life. Whenever possible I get a child potty trained before he reaches two years of age. I would rather save money and the environment and have a few more accidents. The choice is yours and should be what is best for your child,
you and the whole family.

Being consistent

This is the most crucial part of the whole potty training process. You need to be consistent in the words you use, how you direct your child and any reward system you use. Every member of your family needs to be involved; make sure everything is consistent and everyone does and says the same thing.

Going out

You may find that going out and about may cause you a few problems when you first start toilet training. It can often help to be around your home as much as possible during the first week. When your child first commences potty training he will not have good bladder control and when he indicates that he needs to go potty he will need to go almost immediately. You need to check out where the bathroom is as soon as you arrive wherever you are going. You can buy a portable potty to carry around with you as well as a change of clothes for your child.

Their child having accidents

Do not make it a big thing when your child has an accident. Learn to be vigilant and recognize the signs that indicate your child needs to go potty. Remember to remind your child to use the bathroom at regular intervals; this is particularly important when he is engrossed in an activity.

Getting their childcare provider involved

It is important that you get your childcare provider on board before you start. Arrange a meeting and discuss how you can work together to make this a successful experience for your child. Your child needs to have the continuity
of everyone working from the same ballpark including using the same words and rewards.

Potty training charts can be used very effectively in potty training and I would like to offer you one free.

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