Soft, Unique, African-Inspired Blankets for your little ones.


When babies are delivered into this world, they come wet, naked, and cold; with only the warmth of a mother’s or deliverer’s touch to comfort. This touch, however, is almost always inadequate to keep the baby warm and deliver the much-needed solace for their frail, new states. So, what did we develop to ensure that our newborns and developing babies were always as warm and snuggly as possible? You guessed it! BABY BLANKETS!

It is ubiquitous knowledge that babies crave warmth and comfort. Even though their little noggins may not allow them to overtly or obviously express this need, it is our job as supreme watchers to be able to meet and anticipate this need. At Muffin Sisters, we 100% understand this special need, and as a direct consequence, we have birthed a product that will enable this need to be met in its entirety.

Enter our latest product: Baby Blankets! 

A blanket is a pivotal component of a baby’s day to day experience. Having one that is made of the highest quality material, affordable, and multipurpose, is essential to ensuring that your little one blazes through their little lives with a smile on their face and warmth in their hearts. Yes, we know, the baby market is inundated with a LOT of baby blankets. Understanding this, you might go, “What makes Muffin Sisters’ baby blankets unique?”. Well, let’s show you. Our breakthrough blankets offer.


Comfort is a cornerstone characteristic that we at Muffin Sisters strive to implement in all our products. We understand how easy it is for babies, particularly newborns, to battle the scourge of discomfort, and so we made it a priority consideration to evade this battle.

Fitted with the best minky fabric that provides an almost surreal suppleness that breathes and swaddles easy. This material is not only lightweight but also provides plays a part to calm your little one’s nerves, making sure that they maintain their developing equilibrium. Additionally, these blankets are easy to clean, dry, and store, ensuring that you won’t face any difficulties in upkeep and maintenance.


At Muffin Sisters we take great pride in our unique blend of aesthetics. Our baby blankets (and indeed the bulk of our products) are made of fine, luscious African wax print; an aesthetic that, for the most part, is lacking in many baby products in the baby market. These prints hold a hidden message; one that we believe to be inspirational.

We believe that these bold, colorful African prints tell a tale of the vibrance and beauty of African heritage and culture. As an extension, babies wrapped in our blankets are swaddled by the vibrance, resilience, and versatility of the African culture; one that will perpetually strengthen and energize for the bulk of the baby’s developing lives. This powerful combination of message and aesthetic portrays a deep-rooted purpose to our blankets, one that we hope to share with the entire world.


Because our blankets are made with the best quality mink materials, they are lightweight and thus, portable. They fold easy, and can be used in a variety of applications including: cribs, strollers, beds, and even during travel trips in cars, buses, or planes.


Our baby blankets hold a unique combination of purpose and convenience to ensure that your little ones experience the most unique perspective in their travels on the developing trail. Ensuring that they get the best is a critical responsibility as caretakers. So, why not give our unique baby blankets a try today and see for yourself why we’re the best to cradle your little gems.

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