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  Being pregnant shouldn't be an excuse to eat what you want and not be active and take up a pregnancy exercise routine. It is important to continue exercising throughout your pregnancy because exercise can really benefit you and your developing baby.Pregnancy exercise can help you feel confident about your changing body. It not only helps your physical well-being it will improve your emotional well-being by helping to boost your mood in those times when you feel a bit blue. Byexercising you will release endorphins in your brain, known as the happy hormone making you feel great.Even a gentle walk...

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    It seems like it's almost every parent's biggest problem. Getting your kids to eat their vegetables can be a real struggle and no matter how much you plead, bargain and nag it's just not happening. If you put a plate of spinach and a plate of chocolate brownies in front of any child, they will go for the brownies - no questions asked. In many households bad eating habits are nothing but that - a bad habit. As parents we are so rushed and at some point your kids diet plan probably slipped. If kids get to eat...

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Follow my blog with Bloglovin     Travelling does not need to be put on hold when a baby is involved. Parents with young babies travel all the time, making sure to prepare their baby and luggage for best results. As long as all of the essentials are packed, and the baby is protected from foreign disease, travelling with a baby is an easily accomplished task. WHAT TO PACK FOR YOUR BABY When packing clothing for a baby, it is important to pack one outfit plus one extra per day, along with pajamas for each night. Depending on the location...

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  How do we obviously raise or increase confident kids when each given day presents constant challenges that have the capability to destroy their self-confidence? Begin by taking a look at what is going on in your house and then consider who their buddies are. Having a supportive family and powerful friendships are significant but these seven components are only as crucial for parents that wish to raise and increase confident kids. 1. GUIDE YOUR KIDS TO LOVE THEMSELVES PROPERLY "All kids have to be educated to love themselves by a really young age or else they cannot make the...

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  Are you thinking of starting to potty train your little one? Parents approach potty training from many perspectivesbbut there are challenges that all parents face about learning this new skill.Use these 7 tips to help you as you think about starting to toilet train your child.   GETTING THEIR CHILD TO USE THE POTTY OR TOILET The very first an initial thing any parent needs to do is to get their kid used to using a potty or toilet. My advice is start well before your child reaches the age of two. You are not expecting him to do...

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