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  Being pregnant shouldn't be an excuse to eat what you want and not be active and take up a pregnancy exercise routine. It is important to continue exercising throughout your pregnancy because exercise can really benefit you and your developing baby.Pregnancy exercise can help you feel confident about your changing body. It not only helps your physical well-being it will improve your emotional well-being by helping to boost your mood in those times when you feel a bit blue. Byexercising you will release endorphins in your brain, known as the happy hormone making you feel great.Even a gentle walk...

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  Weight gain and pregnancy go hand-in- hand. The only difference is some women gain less while some gain more.A mother-to-be must pay special attention to the number of pounds she packs during pregnancy because being overweight and underweight are both undesirable conditions.Learn how to gain weight safely during pregnancy right here. It will also make it easier for you to shed the pounds after childbirth.   SPEAK TO YOUR HEALTH CARE PROVIDER In pregnancy, everything should be done under the guidance and supervision of your health care provider.Irrespective of whether you are obese, overweight or underweight you should consult...

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  Pregnancy can cause a lot of physical discomforts to the mom-to- be, one such difficulty is the dreaded back pain.Some pregnant women experience back pain throughout the course of their pregnancy. The female body undergoes a lot of changes from the time of conception till the birth of the baby. These changes cause the spine to get unstable and the back thus becomes weak.Back pain can be caused due to the shift in your center of gravity. The other reason for back pain is the instability of the spine caused as a result of the stability changes of the...

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