Teaching Children Through Books To Value One Another And Celebrate Diversity


In today’s world, it is important to teach our young ones how to value each other and understand the concept of diversity. To help your children understand this in a fun way, here are the top 15 books for them to read. 

  • Little People, Big Dreams Series 
  • This series is about diverse personalities that lived an iconic life. It includes stories of their lives in a simplified manner for children. From Martin Luther King to Anne Frank, this series is full of wonder. 

          Femi the fox

    This beautifully illustrated book offers children a run-through of Femi the fox’s life that is based in Africa. It teaches children about west African culture and cooking.

    • Big Hair Don’t Care

    Big Hair, Don’t Care is a great book for children to accept themselves and others. It focuses on a girl named Lola who has really big hair and how confidently she carries them. 

    • Little Leaders, Bold Woman in Black History

    This inspiring book entails all the women that made an impact on Black history. Each of the women represented in this book has played a vital part in doing something extraordinary. 

    • Monster trouble!

    Monster Trouble holds an important message for children as the story revolves around a child having to deal with monsters every night. The way she deals with them is quite exceptional and extremely sweet!

    • Riley Can Be Anything

    Riley Can Be Anything will surely instill the thought in your child’s head that anyone can achieve things they want to be!

    • Mixed Blessing

    Mixed Blessing helps children understand and accept the concept of mixed race and multiculturalism. This beautifully illustrated book will help children be more accepting of differences. 

  • Max and the tag along moon

    Max and the Tag Along Moon is a cute story of a grandfather and grandson. It depicts how those who love us are always there for us through its story and illustrations. 

  • Drawn Together

    Drawn Together focuses on understanding others without knowing the language. As a child and grandfather form a bond as they draw, this book plays an important role in a child’s life. 

  • Same, Same But Different

    The story revolves around penmanship between two children living in America and India. It shows how even though they belong to different cultures, they become the best of friends. 


  • Sandwich Swap

    This book portrays the image of tolerance and acceptance between two school children and how they overcome their differences. 

  • The Name Jar

    The Name Jar showcases how a child learns to accept her name without having to change it for others. It encourages children to be more accepting of themselves and others. 

  • Proudest Blue

    Proudest Blue focuses on explaining children their importance. It exhibits the message of being proud of one’s culture along with being confident in their identity and religion. 

  • All Are Welcome

    A school where everyone is welcomed and no one’s left behind. This is what All Are Welcome depicts through its imagery. It helps children learn to be accepting of others. 

  • Noah Chases the Wind

  • Noah Chases the Wind will help children learn that it’s okay to be different and how to feel good about these differences


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