The tradition of storytelling in Africa

Africa is a cradle of civilization. It is one of the earliest societies on earth. Africa also has an amazing array of cultures that are reflected in several traditions of the country, storytelling is one of them. Storytelling is an old African culture and it can take you to a journey where you will be able to learn about your place, the adobe around you and your old culture. It also reflects the local culture, social values of Africa. With tradition, one can learn the inner meaning of your life. Storytelling is a culture and an old tradition of Africa that still popular. It helps one to pass the history, knowledge, and experience to the next generation.

More about storytelling

Oral storytelling is a popular concept of Africa that reveals the facts, beliefs, themes of the country that spread widely and unique conception of the region, village and tribe. In Africa, it satisfies all the curiosities of local people. It is more like a teaching style that teaches the major lessons about day to day life of the people. It is more like a participatory communal experience.



Ritual or passing information?

In Africa, storytelling is a ritual that comes with the complete set. Here the audience and the storyteller both can interact. Both of them have their obligations and rights. This is a shared event where people spend their time together, sit together. They listen to more facts about their cultural myths, taboos and past deeds. This is a beautiful way for the new generation to know more about their past and their traditions.

Style of storytelling

In Africa, language repetition and rhythm are the most essential parts. The storytellers are well-experienced in telling and know the style best. They repeat phrases, words and stanzas. Due to this beautiful style of repetition, these stories are easy to understand and you can easily recall from your memory. Get together to recount stories, to talk and sharing experiences is more like a natural behavior of Africans.

Storytelling is an old culture of Africa

Storytelling is an engaging way for the Africans of passing information while more entertaining. Sometimes, the stories can be joined hand with beautiful rural music of Africa. So you can call the gesture, edutainment, a perfect mixture of education and entertainment. This storytelling culture in Africa can offer you an unforgettable experience. this is a part of many social events in Africa.

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