Three easy tips to get your kids to eat healthy food

It seems like it's almost every parent's biggest problem. Getting your kids to eat their vegetables can be a real struggle and no matter how much you plead, bargain and nag it's just not happening. If you put a plate of spinach and a plate of chocolate brownies in front of any child, they will go for the brownies - no questions asked. In many households bad eating habits are nothing but that - a bad habit. As parents we are so rushed and at some point your kids diet plan probably slipped. If kids get to eat only the right food from the time they are little then they will have no problem as they get older.

The problem is when you have to correct a less than perfect diet for your kids. It means that there has to be changes and many of the things that they have now grown to love will probably be scrapped from the menu. We all know how kids feel when you take away something they like. Fortunately kids are very resilient and it’s more than possible to instill a good eating habit!

You need to realise just how important a healthy diet is to the health and well being of a growing child. Processed foods, sweets that are high in sugar and junk foods like pizza simply cannot sustain healthy growth. You want your kids to have a head start in life, right?

So, how do you do it? How do you get kids to start eating healthy food? Here are 3 great tips that you can start using today.

1. Lay down the law

If there is a culture of getting sweets and treats in your house then it has to stop. You need to set new rules and lay down the law. It's important that you don't ban all treats completely but you need to place a severe limit on it.
Make sure your kids understand the rules but don't make sweets a part of a punishment or reward system because this can cause some more serious problems in the future. Simply put a limit on it and stick to it. No kid should have
access to sweets where they can just help themselves!

2. Mix it up

The answer to getting your kids to start eating their vegetables does not mean you boil up 5 portions of veg and serves that. No, you need to introduce vegetables with foods they already love. If you are not a good cook, learn to prepare vegetables properly and make it tasty - without making it unhealthy. Kids really can learn to love anything. It's all a matter of application.                                                                                                                      


3. Educate










It's important that you educate your children about food. Don't just tell them why they can’t eat certain things. Explain it to them. Help them understand. A great way to start teaching your kids the value of eating well is to start your own vegetable garden at home. Let them be part of the process of planting vegetables, caring for them and eventually harvesting it.


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