Treating back pain during pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause a lot of physical discomforts to the mom-to-be, one such difficulty is the dreaded back pain.
Some pregnant women experience back pain throughout the course of their pregnancy. The female body undergoes a lot of changes from the time of conception till the birth of the baby. These changes cause the spine to get unstable and the back thus becomes weak.

Back pain can be caused due to the shift in your center of gravity. The other reason for back pain is the instability of the spine caused as a result of the stability changes of the pelvis. Pelvic instability is created due to the release
of the hormone called relaxin which is responsible for the relaxation of ligaments and joints in the pelvis area. This, in turn, will create instability of spine as the pelvis is the seat of the spine.

The second reason for back pain is due to a shift in the center of gravity. The center of gravity shifts from your hips to your stomach with the growing baby. The back muscles find it difficult to support the weight of the entire upper body and thus back pain begins.

With the causes identified one needs to find ways to counteract this problem. Since none of the drugs are advisable during pregnancy one needs to seek natural ways in which you can find relief. Even though it's stated
that herbal supplements are far better choices they have their very own effects. Some of the herbs are seen to cause dangerous effects when consumed during pregnancy. The fact that research has not been conducted on herbal supplements makes using them even more dangerous.

Back pain caused due to muscle strain can be rectified by using maternity belts that come in various sizes. Their nominal rates make them affordable to all. Wrapping these belts around the lower back gives your back the necessary support and additionally supports the baby bump as well. With the back and stomach fully supported it is now easier to keep up the posture and thereby the spine and pelvic stability improves. Make sure to invest in a belt that is adjustable so that you would be able to use it throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy sometimes presents itself to be a testing time to some women. Some experience intense pain due to a condition called sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Relaxin produced makes the joints lead to pain. This could be controlled by using a more affordable belt known as the trochanter. 

Belts do not offer help or comfort to many other pregnant women. This is where a chiropractor can be of assistance. These specialists will help keep the spine aligned and thereby reduce pain. The second way in which they can help is by using mobilization techniques.

A few other ways in which one can control back pain is by not sitting for long hours, application of heating pad to the back and sleeping on the back should be avoided. By taking these measures one is sure to get some relief.
These are only a few ways to control back pain during pregnancy.


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