TT's BDay Party by Obiele L.




Whoop whoop!! My Little TT is officially ONE! 


Well, officially fourteen months, but who’s counting?

 The party went very well and I have finally recovered. I didn’t think I would but I have!

* Disclaimer before I begin, remember I told you I like to talk? Well, prepare yourself this is going to be a long one, Well, seven minutes to be exact according to my word counter * 

Well, we had an awesome time, the day literally flew by I don’t remember much at all apart from the sound of laughter and playful shrieks. 

The day started bright and early at 7 am to be precise when my Tesco delivery of ice and a few other essentials were dropped off. Then from then on it was all systems go, go, go!! 

Actually, let's rewind slightly...Toddler T’s (we have upgraded from baby haha!) Godmother flew in from Australia two days before his birthday and together we created our very own handcrafted zoo from balloons, it was hilarious.

I now understand why balloon artists charge so much! But I am glad that I was able to create my own columns for a few reasons. 

1. I saved money

2. Bursting them at the end didn’t hurt

3. Finding them decapitated a few hours into the party wasn’t a thing LOL!

I was so grateful for the help honestly, there was no way I could have done it on my own and kept my sanity with Mr. T running around. It’s not that he is naughty he just likes to get involved. 

Auntie J, literally hopped off the plane dropped her things off and came straight over! What a blessing!  

Right, where were we? 

Yes, so it was all systems go! I had packed up everything the night before so it was just a matter of loading the cars up.

Everything ran like clockwork; I honestly could not have asked for a better team.  

My team for the day were so freaking awesome, but I’m not surprised because it was made of T’s Godmothers, aunties, and their partners so the best of the best really! 

All jokes aside, they turned up on time and helped to cut sandwiches, set up, move tables, transport all the decorations, and serve food. Literally the works, I would have been lost without them. 

The venue:

We held the party at The Greenman in Bromley, in the barn. It was perfect. I will 100% be reusing this venue in the future as it had more than enough space for the children to run around and be free whilst still leaving enough space to house all of the soft play and set up the entertainment for the under 5’s. 

The toilets were honestly the highlight for me. The fact that there were two accessible toilets and one with baby changing was just wonderful. I was then able to pop a nappy changing basket with a few essentials in one e.g., nappies, sacks, pull-ups, etc and use the other for everyone else – Perfect!

We had the hall from 11:00 until 18:00 but ended the party at 17:00. In hindsight, I should have begun at 10:00 but everything still went smoothly thank God.  


I was toying with the idea of entertainment for a while but could not decide on an age-appropriate theme for all. I finally decided that I would only entertain the young ones because they would more than likely drop off for a nap between 11:00-14:00 so having a little something just for them was important. I mean Mr. T slept for nearly two hours himself haha! So, I am really happy that I listened to my inner voice.

@Cliptheatre were my entertainers of choice quite simply because they are amazeballs!

I have been to a lot of baby classes but Mhairi and her team are something else. There is no such thing as too much when it comes to CLIP. The energy, the puppets and the interaction... They just keep giving!! The children had an absolute blast!! 

The huge balloon bouquet that resembled the hot air balloons from the film UP was created on-site by Mhairi’s wonderful husband and the children were quite simply in awe. 

Not to mention the coolio inflatables which we were able to use for a mini photo shoot afterward. Aw, I just love CLIP!  

Soft play:

@DancingCubs were our vendors of choice and they were blooming marvelous. There were so many companies to choose from. Honestly, it took ages to whittle down my list. But when I called dancing cubs, this will sound strange but the lady on the other end sounded like my sister! So, I decided to go with them. Yep, that’s how I shop on gut and instinct LOL! The two never fail me.

The team were amazing they arrived and were set up in minutes, I have never seen anything like it. Two ball pits slides tables and chairs everything was wrapped up with a picket fence in minutes, it was very impressive. To say the least the soft play was an absolute hit! I knew children liked soft play but honestly, they LOVE soft play. And having two ball pits one the babies and the other for the big kids was definitely a smart move. 

Ordering highchairs was also a great idea and not an expensive addition. When I saw them all in use, I was happy that I didn’t talk myself out of adding them to my package. It is just so much easier to feed little ones when all they want to do is play.

Face painting and Glitter Tattoos:

@emilysentertainmentuk, Wow, just Wow! Our artist Cathy was so perfect!! The children all left with a piece of artwork some two haha! And every piece was beautiful! 

Sometimes you see things on Instagram and they don’t deliver in reality. But my goodness Cathy was fantastic.   

Balloons artistry:

@bonbonballons, warning! Do not try to drive home with giant balloons hanging out of your car... Sounds like common sense right? LOL! But I tried anyway and it didn't end well!

Our balloons arrived before we did and they were exactly what I wanted and more they complemented the high ceilings of the barn and the colours and designs were perfect. I wish I had taken more pictures or asked someone to take more. Hindsight again... The team at bonbon was so easy and friendly to work with. They asked for my budget and came in under, woo hoo! I also played nice and gave the children balloons to go home with. I know, I am a saint haha! 

DJ: @Theamazingmaks:

My Homie, Music man and Friend LOL! Supa has played at every single landmark birthday and event in my adult life. Apart from my 25th haha! He has NEVER let me down and is the best DJ ever! 


@Nelsonniteh is a wedding photographer by profession and now my photographer. Nelson was introduced to me by my sister and produced over 150 gorgeous images that I was then able to share with everyone. I am pretty sure he captured all the children. I have created a gorgeous phonebook on @snapfish and TT loves flicking through the pictures. It is so lovely to watch. 

Family T-shirts:

I just about threw some makeup on my face in the kitchen mid-party, which I had a feeling would happen. Which was also why I opted out of multiple outfit changes and suggested we keep it casual but fun. Thank you to @cliveiscreative for bringing my design to life and to @Dftprintstudio for breathing life into and creating such cool tee’s. 

Just to note, I provided the t-shirts for printing as I thought it would be easier with such a variety of shapes and preferences. 

Party bags:

I actually laugh when I think about how far in advance, I actually prepared the party bags. 

Obviously, everyone will say they will attend a party so you have to prepare as if everyone will and let’s be honest the only thing children really expect at a party is a party bag and cake. So, there was no way on earth I was about to run out of either!

The party bags were done at least 8 weeks in advance, simply because I knew how I wanted to put them together and I had Mr. T, helping me out too! Therefore, I had to prepare a bag for him to play with whilst preparing bags to store.

Which meant, doing as much as I could during nap time and just accepting that he was going to make a mess when awake and just keep all sharp object out of his reach.

I had two party bags. Baby bags which I think we're only a hand full and everyone else. I honestly could not deal with the stress of doing multiple age-appropriate bags so kept it simple. 

Each bag contained the following:

Play-doh and a cutter, sweet bags, bubbles, crayons, coloring cards, mask, wrist band, note pads, words of affirmation  


The Word of affirmation was later added. I was thinking of lying in bed one day and just thought about something that the children could have that would be long-lasting. I had no idea how much the parents would actually appreciate them. So actually, resent them to everyone after the party so that they could print them again. 

Party games:

We played not one, party game! I am in shock too! But the time literally vanished and the kids I don’t think even noticed. But I had prepared for games so we played Tidy up the ball pit balls haha! And the winners won a bottle of bubbly each LOL! Well Disney Frozen themed sparkling grape juice 

Cake and Cupcakes

Thank God for family! My sister and Mother saved me hundreds by baking the cake and cupcakes. 

The birthday cake was a three-tier jungle cake decorated with hand moulded sugar paste animals. Each layer had a different animal print on he outside and matching print on the inside too. 

The cupcakes were also very special as they were rainbow cupcakes for my rainbow baby!! 

Toddler T’s Custom made outfit:

@mommadeuk as auntie Annmarie always says, “God has a sense of humor!” for years I have been cooing at the cute designs created by @mommadeuk and now I have my little prince dressed to the nines in a one-off creation! Thank you so much Abiola, he was able run and play with ease and your professionalism and attention to detail was second to none!



I almost did not serve food, much to the horror of my mother. It wasn’t because I wanted the parents to starve, I just did not want to get roped into the whole African big cooking malarkey. So, I decided on keeping it simple. Jollof, chicken and Salad. Which both adults and children ate. We also had a large platter of fruit and Sandwiches cut in animal and character shapes which went down well.

To accompany the food each child was given a lunch box. I knew that parents would come armed with food for the under ones, so kept theirs simple I knew that the toddlers were touch and go so packed theirs out a little more and that the big kids would more than likely eat rice so didn’t worry about filling their too much.

Lunch boxes :

There were three lunch box options put together by my little helper and I which contained the following:

Baby lunch box:

Ella’s fruit Pouch, Rice Cakes, toy Shaker and sheer scarf. 

Toddler lunch box:

Organix Godies Jammy dodger, Fruit shoot, Fruit yoyo and Crisp. 

Big kids lunch box:

Chewy sweets, Fruit Shoot and crisp

Of course, I had sandwiches and fruit for them to help themselves with and extra drinks and crisp. 

The lunch boxes were to reduce food wastage and the amount of tidying at the end which they did. 

The children were able to keep unfinished snacks in their boxes and if they wanted to carry them home they could. Come to think of it I think they all went home with them…

 The Zoo: 

Haha! Rain, God bless London and its unpredictable weather! We made it to the zoo by the skin of our teeth a few weeks later. But not with the party gang. Nevertheless, it was a lovely day all the same.

 Instead of Toddler Ts actual birthday we cut a cake at home with a few friends and family and to be honest he had a blast as always with his Godsister and the truckload of toys he was gifted!

And as they say in show business, that's all folks! Haha! 

Thank you for taking the time out to read our follow up. 

Special Thank You’s:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a few people for their help in the run up and on the day. Auntie’s Kia, Julianah, Corinne, Adjeley, Cassandra, Sadari, Desreen, Oblikai and Obiorkor. Uncle Henry and Tony. A Very Special thank you also goes out to auntie Jumaila for emptying the baby bin in the loo! A job only a true friend would embark upon!

Muffin Sisters thank you for providing this platform and also for Toddler T’s beautiful gifts!

Ladies and Gentlemen, please do not forget, that if you use my code MMBI10 you will receive 10% all purchases at


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