Useful tips for travelling with a baby

 Travelling does not need to be put on hold when a baby is involved. Parents with young babies travel all the time, making sure to prepare their baby and luggage for best results. As long as all of the essentials are packed, and the baby is protected from foreign disease, traveling with a baby is an easily accomplished task.

What to pack for your baby

When packing clothing for a baby, it is important to pack one outfit plus one extra per day, along with pajamas for each night. Depending on the location of travel, parents must pack weather - appropriate clothing for their baby. If traveling somewhere cold, parents should make sure to bring multiple articles of warm clothing, including snowsuits, hats, mittens, and boots. When traveling to warm locations, parents should pack sun hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and light clothing.

The essentials must be remembered - this means things such as diapers, diaper cream, baby wipes, bibs, dishes and utensils, bottles if bottle feeding, snacks, and cups for older babies. Bringing baby blankets ensures that the baby can be wrapped up if needed and swaddled to calm her during busy days.

Parents must bring an infant car seat for travel, even if flying or taking a bus. Parents need to make sure that their baby has a safe place to sleep while traveling. They may need to bring a portable playpen or bassinet, or phone
ahead to the hotel and reserve a room with a crib.

Ensuring safety from diseases while traveling

When leaving the country, it is important that babies are protected against diseases in the place of travel. Parents must speak with their family doctor about where they are vacationing with the baby. The doctor can help to decide if any extra vaccinations are necessary for travel.

Feeding your baby during travel

If the baby is breastfed, it is easier to feed during travel. When traveling on a plane, mothers may wish to purchase a seat that provides enough privacy during nursing. If this is not possible, moms may wish to use a nursing cover-up blanket. If traveling by car, regular stops are important to make sure that the baby is well-fed. Breastfeeding during bus travel is easy - the mother can choose a seat toward the back of the bus or a window seat for privacy.

Parents who bottle-feed must make sure to pack enough bottles to last the entire trip. If traveling is going to take a long amount of time, there should be enough bottles to last without washing until the destination is reached. It is important to bring extra cans of formula to make sure that there is always food available to the infant.

Older babies should be supplied with frequent amounts of food during travel. While it seems convenient to stop for takeout during vacations, it is not always best for the baby's health. Packing non - perishable foods can help to
ensure that the child is always able to eat when hungry. Foods that are packed should include those that can be eaten without preparation, in case the baby becomes hungry while in the plane, car or bus.

In summary, parents should always double-check their luggage to make sure that they have everything they need for traveling with a baby. Vaccinations may be necessary to prevent foreign disease, but vacationing with a baby is common and easy.

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