Why is important for children to connect with their heritage from a young age? - by Nahdz Adventures

I believe that it is important for children to connect with their heritage from a young age and this can be done through many ways in the early years which is why I love what Muffin Sisters have created. These bright and colourful patterned elephants are the perfect addiction to our imaginative play. As a mum I make a conscious effort to ensure my children feel represented in everyday life through books, toys, learning resources, puzzles, dolls, clothes etc. I also make an effort to support black owned businesses to create generational wealth within my community.

These elephants not only made our teddy bear picnic stylish, they are durable, great quality and he loves to lay with them because although they are firm they're also soft and cuddly. Imagination play develops language and communication aswell as creative development. These elephants make great gifts and would be perfect in any playroom or early years setting.

Not only are these elephants great for babies I spoke with my older boys about the patterns they choose and we discussed that different patterns have different meanings and come from different countries and tribes. For example, the Kente cloth is the traditional cloth of Ghana worn by several tribes. Kanga is a colourful fabric from Tanzania. Adire is a tie dye indigo cloth made in South Nigeria. Not only can we research and learn about different patterns we can make our own patterns inspired from our culture.

Muffin Sisters have created a wonderful brand which not only helps children connect with their culture but exposes children to another culture from a young age. Their products include bath towels, blankets, bibs and buntings and I love the new sustainable products including reusable wipes.

If we don't connect our children with their heritage from young and teach them to be proud about where they come from. Their history will be lost or forgotten.

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