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Welcome to Muffin Sisters!



Muffin Sisters is our dream. It was born out of our passion for using traditional African fabrics merged with modern European styles to create heritage children's products. Our brand is for those who welcome the vibrant African culture and enjoy compassion in their lives.

It all started with our inspiring journey to Mali, back in 2014. We were born and raised in Poland, and currently live in London, UK. Our upbringing allowed us to come to intermingle our African roots with Polish culture, traditions, and history. Upon our return from Mali, we came to recognize our African roots from a more in-depth perspective as we attempted to learn and understand Malian cultural heritage. We realized the importance of reconnecting with our ancestral roots and doing the same for our future generation.

Muffin Sisters is a brand for generations. Ever since the making of our very-first baby blanket at the end of 2015 to the creation of breathtaking African culture inspired children accessories and nursery décor, we have set new hallmarks of quality and African resonance in the world of baby accessories. We sell comfortable and soft blankets, towels, bibs, soft toys made by using African fabrics.

At Muffin Sisters, we believe in the importance of preserving heritage for the future generation. Our quest for passing on the richness and vibrancy of African mystic roots led us to the creation of this ever-inspiring African children brand. Our rich collections of African lifestyle accessories for infants and toddlers is perfect for inspiring parents to cultivate African culture in their baby's life, from the very first day.

African culture is all about celebrating life, seeking spirituality, leading the true path, flavorful lifestyle, and embracing the many hues of living. We help you celebrate the African cultural heritage through our high-quality and handmade children products, made of African fabrics. Let the accessories tell the stories of legendary ancestors, the richness and diversity of the African continent to your little one.

Our biracial roots make us the perfect match to deliver African-inspired children products for your precious kid. We aim to help parents, grandparents and caretakers in choosing the best-quality products for babies from a variety of items. The blend of incredible cultures visible in our personalities and our unique upbringing has helped us gain appreciation and admiration for the diverse cultures of this world! We aim to instill the same love for culture and tradition in the children of the coming age with your help!

Join us on a flavorful journey of vibrant African-inspired baby products and lifestyle accessories. Let your baby reconnect with African roots from the moment he/she comes into this beautiful world.


Kady & Lafia