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Become a Muffin Sisters Ambassadors and join this movement of cultivating African culture from day one!

This means being part of community of mums  warriors who look after their little ones and also want to maintain their culture at home and give their children the opportunity to grow up surrounded by their heritage. We are very lucky to work with wonderful mums across the world.  

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We came across Ola's Instagram profile at the begging of 2018 and we admire how Ola celebrates her life and lovely family. We contacted her straight away as we thought there is a great opportunity for us to collaborate. Ola devoted her time for us and helped to find our first Muffin Sisters' Brand Ambassadors.
We would love to say BIG THANK YOU !!!


Ola Pelovangu

As an experienced brand consultant and Digital Marketing Agency owner, I immediately saw the huge potential in Muffin Sisters from our first consultation. The sisters have a genuine passion to promote cultural appreciation from birth and as an active mum on social, I immediately knew the key to growing the brand was through building relationships with the new wave of mumfluencers to create an authentic growth strategy. Kady and Lafia took this model and applied it to their business and I am extremely happy that this has played and continues to play a major role in the continued success Muffin Sisters. I am so excited for the future of Muffin Sisters and it’s been even more exciting to be a part of the journey. Well done on creating an amazing brand.

Rochelle K.

I heard about Muffin sisters through a friend that I met online (Ola) and she put us both in contact. When the sisters brought through the opportunity to work with them, I took my time to understand the brand and its background and also why they make their products. I fell in love instantly! The colours, toys, materials, everything! To top it off, when I met Lafia (younger sister) she was brilliant. So much energy and passion and extremely patient, This gave me more of a good vibe of the brand and I was happy for my daughter to be seen using Muffin sisters products. I recommend it to everyone because I love the products for my babyHello, I'm Rachelle and I'm one of the Muffin sisters Brand ambassadors. I'm a 27-year-old wife and mother to a beautiful girl called Ariélle. She's currently 16 months and is blossoming beautifully.

Obiele L.

My name is Naa Obiele (Obiele to most, pronounced Oh-B-L-A or for the more cultured Obiélé haha!). I am a Customer Experience Coach and Trainer, and mummy to my handsome baby boy Nii Tetteh-Kwei (T.T). I am truly honoured to be a part the of Muffin Sisters Team. Their brand and products really speak to me and reflect not only me as a person but also my passions, culture and family. With regards to culture, I run a community-based group for GaDangme’s in the diaspora and in Ghana, with my good friend  Naa Adjeley Gbojor called the Gadangme Roots and Heritage Foundation (GDRHF). The Gadangme Roots and Heritage Foundation acts as a bridge between those of us abroad and those of us back home to ask questions, discuss topics and keep our language and culture alive. I began my Instagram page “Me My Bump and I” back in 2017 but suspended it when I miscarried my daughter Isabella. I reopened it when I was pregnant with T.T to keep myself busy and to brush away any anxieties that may fester during my pregnancy. This was when I truly began to appreciate my family especially my sisters because they kept me sane as I had literally told less than ten people about my pregnancy. As you may be able to tell I can talk for England, so I will just quickly say, I love Music, especially House & Garage and Jungle! I have a great passion for women's physical and mental health during and post-pregnancy as well as natural fertility and health treatments. Right, I’ll stop right about NOW!

Bethani T.

Hi my name is Bethani and I am a proud Muffin Sisters Brand Ambassador. I am 32 years old and I am a full-time pharmacist and mother to my 10 month old son Dean. I heard about Muffin Sisters through social media and immediately fell in love with everything the company represents. I absolutely love that Muffin Sisters is a black owned company, run by women (yay to girl power!) and making creative designs for babies. I think it is really important for our children to have representation and have products that look like them and can uplift them. The colors and patterns of the products are so unique and vibrant and Dean just can’t take his eyes off of all the beautiful colors.

Joy Marilie J.

My name is Joy Marilie Jackson, known as Joy Marilie in the social media and arts world. There are many things that led me to the path of brand ambassador for Muffin Sisters. I was born and raised in NYC and have been immersed in the arts, specifically music since childhood. I was a music teacher for 14 years before moving into arts administration. I could share many stories but in short, a series of situations, between my educational and professional experiences in predominantly white spaces, inspired me to learn more about West African culture. I felt a need to find a connection to my roots. NYC is the best place to be if you want to immerse yourself into something arts or culture related. I chose to study West African Dance as a starting point. Harlem, where I lived at the time, was full of free classes, taught by individuals who prioritized teaching not only dance but the culture and context of each dance. I was dancing 4-5 times per week. I soon learned that there was a robust subculture of people in New York who were actively preserving African culture. I learned about street festivals, classes, and performances from the people in my dance classes and found myself immersed in West African culture as often as possible. From my jewelry, to my home decor, to the events I attended, I was finding ways to express pride in my ancestral heritage. 

Ashley A.

Hey All, I’m Ashley Atkins, wife and mama to 3 spirited babes! During the day, I worked as a Coordinator at a local university. At night, I switch into my blogger/ influencer roll. Growing up, I’ve always been drawn to African culture. One of my cousins was a world traveler, and she always talked about how beautiful Africa was. She always brought me the most beautiful tickets and told fascinating stories about Africa.  This love has stayed with me through adulthood! I’m always repping my roots where I go. Even my home is a reflection of Africa! I can’t wait for the opportunity to visit the Motherland. I’m so honored to be an ambassador for the Muffin Sisters. This is truly a thrill.