Care Instruction


Do you wonder how to wash our products? Ankara fabric its self is very colourful and you might worry about losing colour after a couple of washing. We understand your concern but there is nothing to worry about, we've got you covered with our care instructions.

How do you wash the products?

The safest choice is the "hand wash" program or any other program that assumes:

  • 30º temperature
  • centrifugal max 600 rpm
  • do not dry clean our products

How do you dry the products?

The best way to keep blankets shape you should straighten them before you dry. We recommend spreading the blanket flat on a dryer until it dries. To have the positive environmental impact we suggest to use ecological detergents and dry the blankets traditionally in the open air. You also should omit to dry it in a tumble dryer.

Can you iron the products?

Yes you can, if you need to iron a product, it can be done by setting up iron with the lowest temperature (max 110º C, one dot). However, most of our products are filled with polyester filling, therefore, be very careful with setting up an iron temperature. Nevertheless, we don't recommend to iron the products which are made of minky fabric, because it can lead to making shallow characteristic dimples. You should iron only on Ankara print side. 


Fabrics used in our products:

Ankara print fabric100% made of cotton fabric, decorated with colourful vibrant patterns. Due to its tribal-like patterns is recognised with Africa. In order to produce this wonderful fabric, an Indonesian wax-resist dying method called batik is used. The characteristic of Ankara fabric is lack of difference in the colour intensity of the front and back side.

Minky fabric - minky is pretty similar to very soft fleece or plush made entirely of polyester. It characterises by embossed dots what make them special comparing to fleece or traditional plush. This feature gives the fabric a sparkling look because it has a non-uniform surface. It is appreciated in winter cold evenings due to insulating properties. In the summertime, it can be used as a play blanket in parks.

Fleece - this type of fabric features by warm, soft and lightweight fabric. It is often compared to wool's good qualities and is known as the lightest available woollens. Fleece is hydrophobic and does not absorb moisture holding less than 1% of its weight in water. Interestingly its insulating quality retains much then is wet. Even though its fuzzy appearance it is not flammable and it melts when is exposed to flame.

Insulating layer - we love to keep little ones warm so some of our products are filled with additional filling known as wadding. They are often used as insulation between fabrics especially in quilt making. The warm layer is made of very light polyester and it can warm up cold feet very quickly.

If you have any doubts regarding care of your purchased item please drop us an e-mail on or massage us on Instagram @muffin_sisters or Facebook Fanpage muffinsisters. We are here to help !