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Here at Muffin Sisters, our sole motive is to grab 100% satisfaction from our valuable customers, no matter what cost we've to pay. Therefore, we offer the most-friendliest customer policies, so you and your kid stay happy.

For more information, visit our return policy page and follow the instructions to return your item. We're always here to listen from your end; all you need is to email us at office@muffinsisters.com; we also offer a live chat feature.

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Social Media Policy

We would be more than happy to see adorable photos of your loved ones with our Muffin Sisters products on our social media handle. We always appreciate and feel blissful when our valuable customers tag our account (@muffin_sisters) or use our hashtags (#muffinsistersmoments or #meandmyafricanheritage). In addition to this, Muffin Sisters also feel joyous to share your adorable images on different social media platforms, but with your consent.