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This a point base competition


But how do you earn those points?

Simple! By completing the tasks above but mainly by inviting people to join through your unique URL, although there are actions that can be repeated to earn points, we have compiled a list of the actions that can be done once and the ones that can be done multiple times.

One Time Actions

Below you'll find a list of the actions you can only do once, note we will check the winners stats for anomalies if we find that there's been some cheating going on the prize will have to disqualify.

  1. Like our page on Facebook
  2. Follow our page on Instagram
  3. Follow our page on Twitter
  4. Follow a page on LinkedIn
  5. Follow our page on Pinterest
  6. Join our group on Facebook
  7. Like a post on Instagram
  8. Like a post on Facebook
  9. Subscribe to our channel on Youtube


 Multiple Time Actions

These actions can be done everyday, at every minute of the day, you can tag friends as well as share your unique URL as many time as you can/like. 

  1. Sharing your Unique URL
  2. Tag a friend on a post on Facebook
  3. Tag a Friend on a post on Instagram

Good Luck!