Our Story

Did you know that...?

Did you know that first African print minky blanket in the UK was created by us?
We made the first piece in 2015, it was cold and grey autumn. The person who also was involved in creating Muffin Sisters brand was our oldest sister Fanta (mum of 4 years old son that time). She suggested us to make African print blanket with soft Minky plush as she discovered that no one in Europe provides it.  So we started to look for the best quality African print patterns, which could be matched with Minky. Later on, we added filling which keeps babies warm in the colder period of the year.  After a year, we developed skills to make different items like pillows, toys or beddings.
That's how Muffin Sisters story began. We are really grateful that our sister gave us the idea to create a beautiful project. Muffin Sisters aims to ease practising African culture and maintaining heritage by creating colourful nursery accessories for the next generation. We want to bring joy, happiness, and inspiration to babies and families by providing them with unique products inspired by Africa.