Adult African minky blanket | Throw blanket

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These top quality blankets have been specially designed from a place of love to uphold the African culture, while simultaneously keeping you warm. The adorable throw blankets, which are available in different African print designs are all shades of adorable, stylish and durable.

They are made with excellent quality soft cotton which gives you maximum comfort as you enjoy your bed on cold or chilly days. These blankets have also been made with so much precision and attention to detail, thereby ensuring that the finishing is nicely done to the admiration of perfectionists.

Moreover, these exquisite African print design blankets are equally multi functional since they can also be used as a beach blanket, office blanket, travelling blanket, sofa blanket as well as a beautiful bed cover to decorate your bed, thereby making your room stand out pleasantly.

In addition, these adorable all-season blankets are warm and cosy. They are truly an exceptional product that will add natural charm to any room or sofa in your home. Besides, these blankets are environmentally friendly and equally hypoallergenic. Thus, you can be rest assured that they are safe and will not cause any skin irritations nor health hazards.

Above all, these beautiful blankets which were designed to uphold the African heritage and culture are equally very easy to care for. The top quality blankets are easy to clean, machine washable as well as cold water and dryer safe.

Special features :

  •  Made with 100% soft cotton
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • All-season blanket
  • Made with lightweight fabric


Length: 160 cm

Width: 110cm